Linda Domenech Brunon

I have 27 years of working experience in the luxury fashion industry and I always dreamt of owning my very own luxury fashion shop in my hometown.When the economic crisis hit Europe I saw my dream turning into a nightmare and it begun to ruin my life.All this changed a year and a half ago when my son showed me this amazing travel club. It was everything I ever wanted and imagined having:freedom,time and less stress. A year after joining i closed my shop and since then I travel around the world and meeting my new friends wherever I would go.Now I want to help as many people get rid of their dreams that became nightmares and live the life I have today.

Andreas Alexandrou

Back in 2009 i've discovered this Travel Club which changed extremely my life and took my lifestyle to a whole new level. The first time i saw this opportunity i ignored it completely until i  saw it again later when  my friend showed me exactly how i should do it and i said YES.Since saying Yes to this idea, I now travel all around the world together with my favourite people whilst earning a passive 6 figure income making memories and enjoying an exclusive lifestyle.

Alexis and Astero Alexandrou

We've been married since 1984 and for us the thought of travelling twice a year was just impossible to conceive as we were both working 12-16 hours a day.Everything changed when we joined this awesome VIP Travel Club 5 years ago. Now, when we say "let's go somewhere to relax" means we're on the next plane out to countries all over the world. We've travelled all over Europe, Jamaica, Las Vagas, Cancun, Malaysia and Hong Kong just to name a few. Places we could only dream about before are now very much a reality and we get to share these memories with our children, family and friends.

Sakis Stathakis

About 4.5 years ago I was working around the clock doing 14-16hr days as a professional football player, salesman and by night working as PR in nightclubs trying to create a lifestyle I always wanted. Instead of working to live I was living to work. Making a simple decision has now turned me into a professional tourist where I'm now enjoying my life with my family and friends creating lasting memories and enjoying peak experiences. Enjoying 80+ vacations across the globe in less than 5 years might sound like something out of this world and if I can achieve all this during an economic crisis - Anyone can do it!

Christos and Savvas Christofi

Christofi brothers joined the travel club back in 2009 to create their dream life with more fun freedom and fulfilment. They served 5 years in the national guard of Cyprus as noncommissioned officers before permanently retired as their lifestyle improved and their passive earnings were higher than their ordinary 9 to 5 job. One of their ultimate life goals were to study and then follow the most successful people around the world as they always had embedded deep into their belief system that their purpose is much higher than they are, so after attending multiple personal development seminars throughout the world they graduated the Tony Robbins academy which is considered the most respected and knowledgeable personal development coach of the world. Their love for travelling and getting to know the cultures of each nation has taken them to all 7 continents across the globe.