My Family

Chrysanthos Alexandrou was born and raised in Cyprus.He is the youngest among the 3 brothers and 1 sister that his amazing parents Alexis & Astero Alexandrou have together.Since the young age of 4 he was dancing everyday of his life along with his older sister Niki as their parents owned one of Limassol’s best Dancing School for over 32 years.At the age of 15 he was moving the crowds musically as a DJ in many locations across his hometown until a year later where he found his true calling.Chrysanthos made a vow to travel all over the globe while helping every person that believes in him to do the same.Along with Chrysanthos his older brother Andreas found his passion in singing as he has been writing his lyrics and music for — years winning a variety of competitions.


Achievements,Goals and Commitments

Chrysanthos Alexandrou has reached the 2nd highest rank of  The World’s no1 VIP Travel Club within 5 years.As a World Class Trainer now  he’s showing thousands of people Worldwide how to have more fun in their lives and how to make more money by travelling around the world with their friends and loved ones.Chrysanthos Alexandrou is the founder of the WoW team,an international team that hosts more than 40,000 people in over 28 countries with the same goal in mind-To Make a Living Living.In 2017 Chrysanthos will hit the the 1st rank of the VIP Travel Club that he’s part of twice and be the Youngest Person to do so in the History of the VIP Travel Club.His core value to the people that stand with him is:Give me 100% of you and you will get 110% of my power to achieve what you are trully capable of and live a life that you could only dream about. 

Call to Action