Professional Tourist

Travelling all over the world is not a luxurious short period of my life that i get to escape my daily routine. Travelling as a rock star, staying in 5 star hotels and resorts all over the world is my life now. You can say my life is better than my dreams.

Giving Back

There are two ways to get this done. The way the millionaires do it and the way all the others do it. As an Honored World Class Trainer you will get shown the fail proof  way to effectively launch your life to the next level faster, simpler and easier just like the 3000 people that i trained in Berlin


The best things in life are free.The second best are really expensive.Living life at its fullest means experiencing everything that is made to be enjoyed:from the firmness of a luxurious  new watch  to the acceleration of a 458 Italia during the Ferrari tour around Melbourne